Urban parks and green circuits


At ZIBATÁ 1,745,000 square meters have been destined to green spaces to create a green envelopment all around the development and to give the sensation of a natural immersion at every zone. Every green space is equipped with bike and walking paths, which allow bikes to become a real means of transport inside the development as well as promoting pedestrian traffic.

Along with these green spaces, there will be greater urban parks equipped for sports and kid zones, like the Jamadi and Saki parks, in the last stages of completion. These will be distributed all along ZIBATÁ so that every resident family will enjoy being close to one.

The Saki Sports Park, which is already finished, has an area of ​​more than 17 thousand square meters. Is equipped with: 7-a-side football pitch, paddle court, basketball court, modeling pond, skateboard area, reading areas, grill area, playground, outdoor fitness center and much more.

The Jamadi Park will be the largest in Zibatá with a total area of ​​over 46 thousand square meters. It is currently in its first stage. You will have: Multipurpose courts, yoga area, reading area, dog park, skating rink, didactic garden, amphitheater, picnic area, water games and much more.

Besides, ZIBATÁ will include large areas exclusively destined to preservation.