ZIBATÁ integrates a unified urban concept to create a unique and coherent identity to the whole development.


The urban ideal behind ZIBATÁ has an architectural style that is defined through a normativity that will prevent fractures in the urban fabric. That way, the development’s visual homogeneity is preserved and your patrimonial investment is protected.

The surface area dedicated to roadways totals 71.6 hectares, or 8% of the total surface area of ZIBATÁ. Its plan includes walkways, broad median strips that serve as ample flowerbeds, tree lined trails and lineal parks. Ever roadway has two or three lanes going each way in order to avoid traffic at any time of day.

The walkways and commercial strips, as well as streets with roundabouts with porphyry stone floor. The public lighting system uses LED technology which ensures low energy consumption and high efficiency.

Prestigious international firms such as Estudio Lamela (from Spain), Artigas Arquitectos, Michael McKay and OMBI were in charge of the urban design:


Urban details: fountains, bodies of water, hedges, entrances, artistic elements (sculptures), etc.

Accessories for the operation of the community, such as organic and inorganic waste containers, signaling, public transport stops, illumination, sidewalks, guard rails, etc.