The Town Center will include certain services such as banks, stores, offices, restaurants, cafes, boutiques, galleries and much more to satisfy all the residents’ needs and to minimize the time spent travelling in your car.

OBM International designed this project. It will surround the central lake and will comprise 100 hectares in area. ZIBATÁ’s Town Center will include the following sections:

  • Shopping: convenience and specialty stores, delicatessen, boutiques and much more.
  • Entertainment: Cinemas, theaters, terraces and public shows, both in closed venues and open air.
  • Night life: Open air bars, nightclubs, restaurants, pubs and cafes.
  • Thematic public plazas: amphitheaters, vantage points, spaces for cultural, artistic activities, areas for kids, for aquatic activities, urban gardens, cactus garden, among others.
  • Residential: the possibility of living and working in the same zone, in a safe and welcoming space.
  • Services: Spas, places dedicated to beauty and personal care, dry cleaners, courier services, communications, doctors’ offices, veterinarians and countless other services.


The heart of ZIBATÁ will include a huge lake of around 9 hectares, surrounded by a network of walkways, urban parks and plazas with restaurants-terraces, stores and other recreational alternatives that would make it the ideal gathering place. Its construction started this 2017.

Canoeing and kayaking will be present at the lake, as well as doing other activities that will serve to strengthen the community.

ZIBATÁ will have three other lakes as part of the golf course (of which one is already there, next to the 14th hole). Each lake will have an area of 21,000m2, 3,600m2 and 6,200m2 respectively. Surrounded by a special architecture created by the prestigious landscaping firm Michael McKay, each lake will have its own personality that will mesh perfectly with the urban design.



  • LED based and energy saving lighting, with a 155W consumption.
  • 22.5 W/hr. energy saving per light
  • 213 lights
  • 38,340 W of total daily savings
  • 13,994.10 KW total annual savings